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South Carolina Real Estate Courses

Elite ESCP Real Estate School

SC Approval #1056

South Carolina Salesman License Requirements.

Be at least 18 years of age

Complete a total of 90 hours of real estate education:

Approved education consists of the following two courses.

60 Hour South Carolina Real Estate Principles Pre-License Course (Unit 1)

30 Hour South Carolina Advanced Principles Course  (Unit 2)

Complete the Licensing Application

Submit Fingerprints and a Background Check

*Eligibility to take the state exam starts after the completion of the 60 Hour Pre-License Course. Student/candidate must have passed the 60 Hour Pre-license course and completed the 30 Advanced Principles Course before applying for a South Carolina Salesman License.



All applicants must meet the requirements outlined previously for residents as to age, education, and experience. Only non-residents who are licensed in another state may qualify to take the South Carolina state exam without taking the SC qualifying courses. South Carolina resident applicants must take a prelicensing course even if licensed in another jurisdiction.


*Entry Level Course for Real Estate Agents

South Carolina Principles Unit I Salesperson Pre-license 60 Hour Course
(This course is needed to take the South Carolina State Exam)
Start your real estate career off right by learning everything mandated by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission.
From the principles of real estate law to fair housing, this 60-hour, interactive, online course will prepare you for a successful career in real estate. Learn about the latest South Carolina Laws, along with the rules and regulations of the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. With new instructional videos and an interactive course design, this course offers the full package for beginning your real estate career.

South Carolina Advanced Principles Unit 2 Salesperson Pre-license 30 Course
(This course is followed by the Unit 1 course and is needed to obtain a licensee after passing the state exam) 

Learn how to apply real estate principles to your daily activities. In this course you will learn about agency and property disclosure, real estate contracts, ethics, measurements and valuation, and specialty topics. This online course includes quiz questions, interactive activities, case studies, unit exams, common real estate forms, and videos to help you master the material.

South Carolina Pre-License Packages: 

South Carolina Salesman Standard Package 
Unit I Pre-license 60 Hour Course
Unit II Pre-license 30 Hour Course
State & National Exam Prep


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

Your course starts on the date of purchase and is available immediately.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Students have 6 months to complete the course from the date of purchase (Time of enrollment).

How long does it typically take to complete the course?

It typically takes the average student 4-6 weeks to complete the pre-license course.

Do we offer a cram/crash course?

Exam preparation is the online equivalent to a cram/crash course that a student can take at their own pace as many times as needed.  

What if I don’t understand something in the course?

Every course comes with an assigned instructor who will make contact with you by email, phone, or a combination within 24-48 hours after your enrollment. Instructors are available throughout the day and night within reason to assist students with course materials and general license questions.

Do I have to take a final exam?

Yes, all pre-license courses require a proctored final exam. Proctoring requirements vary by state. However generally students are able to choose their own proctor so as long as they are not close family and are subject to approval by the school. The proctor will be sent a proctor form and a code that will enable the student to take their final exam from any suitable location for the student and proctor.

What if I fail the final exam?

If a student fails the final exam the instructor will conduct a review with the student prior to retaking the final exam. If a student fails the final exam twice, the student will have to repeat the course.

the exam.

​South Carolina Property Manager in Charge


This course provides seven hours of instruction in property management topics required of all applicants for a property manager-in-charge license in South Carolina.  The course reinforces topics pertinent to the practice of property management in South Carolina.

Salesman Continuing Education Requirements

Renewal periods begin on the first weekday of May for your license expiration year (every two years) to be completed by June 30th

Must complete 10 hours of education

4 hours must be in required topics
6 hours can be electives

Broker in Charge Continuing Education Requirements

South Carolina's Broker in Charge is required to complete

10 hours of continuing education and must include 4 hours of mandatory BIC Duties and Responsibilities, 4 hours of South Carolina's mandatory core course, and 2 hours of electives.


Sales & Broker CE Package ($105)

10-Hr. SC 2023-2024 CE Package



10 Total hours

6 Elective hours

4 Core hours

This package includes all 10 hours required for broker and sales active license renewals.

Courses included in this package:

  • SC 2023-2024 Core Course: When in Doubt, Disclose, Disclose, Disclose (4 core hours)

  • Growing Green: Environmental Awareness and Your Real Estate Practice (3 elective hours)

  • Sex and Real Estate: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, and Fair Housing (3 elective hours)

Individual CE Courses 1 ($69-$99)

SC 2023 - 2024 Core Course: When in Doubt, Disclose, Disclose, Disclose (4 Hour)

2023-2024 South Carolina Core Course (Mandatory for license renewal)


Proper disclosure remains a hot-button topic in real estate practice; complicated scenarios can confound even the most seasoned real estate veterans. The content selection and subject matter outline for this course were created by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission’s Education Committee. The topics chosen were selected because they’re areas of license law and practice that pose particular issues for real estate licensees in South Carolina.

This course aims to improve a licensee’s ability to serve clients and protect and promote the public. The course will help licensees better understand mandatory disclosures in real estate transactions and avoid related issues and violations for failing to disclose as required.


South Carolina Salesperson Education Requirements

Complete 60 hours (Unit 1 Sales) education before applying to take the exam

Before applying for license, complete Unit II: Advanced Real Estate Sales Principles 30-hour course

South Carolina Salesperson General Requirements

Be at least 18 years or older

Provide proof of high school diploma or equivalent

Be lawfully eligible to work in the United States

Complete background check

Successfully pass the State and National portions of the exam

Submit completed application and pay required fees

Within one year of passing exam must be sponsored by a broker-in-charge and apply for a license.

Effective 7/1/2020, all applicants for initial Salesperson, Broker, Broker in Charge, Property Manager or Property Manager licensure with the South Carolina Real Estate Commission will be required to obtain state and national fingerprint-based criminal records checks form the State Law Enforcement Division and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The transition from the previous background check provider is due to the law change in 2017. After the Real Estate Commission reviews the initial application, background check instructions will be provided to the application by email.


Two great things in one convenient package!
Prepare yourself with the leader in test preparation. This package offers you two distinct QBanks in one convenient package. Now you can focus your preparation for the South Carolina Real Estate License Exam specifically on the national and state portions with this custom online QBank package.


Math is a big part of real estate! Make sure that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date. MathMaster is designed to help you develop strong skills in real estate math--helping to ensure success on your state exam!


South Carolina Resources 

Salesman/Broker-PSI Candidate Information Bulletins

(SC REAL ESTATE Candidate Handbook)


(SC PSI Property Manager Candidate Handbook)



Disclosure of Real Estate Brokerage Relationships

South Carolina Real Estate License Applications


(Salesperson, Broker, Property Management)


(This application is only for Georgia residents who qualified by written examination in Georgia and hold an active real estate license in Georgia.)


(This application is only for Georgia residents who qualified in and hold an active real estate license in Georgia.)


National & State Specific Real Estate Test Preparation

CompCramU 3X8.jpg

Exam Smart 

National & State Specific Real Estate Test Preparation

Examsmart-3x8- Rack card.jpg

Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition

Missouri Real Estate Practice 2.jpg


Real Estate Fundamentals 10th Edition

Real Estate Fundamentals.jpg


Mastering Real Estate Principles 7th Edition

Mastering Real Estate Principles.jpg


Real Estate Law 10th Edition

Real Estate Law.jpg


Real Estate Finance, 3rd Edition

Real Estate Finance.jpg


Real Estate Principles 11th Edition

Real Estate Principles.jpg


Property Management 10th Edition Revised

Property Management.jpg


Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know 7th Edition Update

Real Estate Math 1.png


The mission of Elite ESCP Real Estate School is to provide high-quality distance education courses to Real Estate pre-licensing students as well as licensed agents in support of federal and state-mandated education programs for licensure and ongoing professional competency.

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