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*Entry Level Course for Real Estate Agents

Tennessee Affiliate Broker Pre-License Course $290

Tennessee Real Estate Pre-License Course for New Affiliates $220

Tennessee Pre-License Packages: 

Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Silver Solution $399.00

Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Gold Solution $499.00​


Tennessee Broker Pre-License Packages: 

Tennessee Broker Pre-license Course Standard Package $209

Tennessee Real Estate Pre-licensing Premium Package $1139.00



120-Hr. TN Broker Post-Licensing Package

$69 - $109

For all real estate courses outside of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, & South Carolina.


Tennessee Real Estate Education Requirements:

Tennessee real estate affiliate broker license: 60 hours

Tennessee real estate broker license: 120 hours (30 hours of which must be an office/broker management course)

Brokers licensed after January 1, 2001 must complete 120 additional hours of Commission-approved post-license education before the third anniversary of their broker license

Tennessee State Reciprocity:

Real estate commissions and boards across the country are adopting policies for a real estate agent in one state to more easily become licensed in another state. Nonresident applicants must:

Pass the Tennessee (state law) portion of the examination for the same type of license you have in your resident state

Download a worksheet which will assist you in determining your requirements for seeking a Tennessee real estate license

Send TREC this completed worksheet and a "Certified License History" from all the states where you hold or have held a real estate license to TREC.info@tn.gov.

TREC will review requests and notify applicants of their examination requirements.

Continuing Education (CE) and License Renewal Requirements:

Real estate professionals in Tennessee must renew their real estate licenses every two years from the date of licensure

Licensees need to complete 16 hours of real estate CE classes

This includes 6 hours of core courses, which changes each renewal cycle



National & State Specific Real Estate Test Preparation

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Exam Smart 

National & State Specific Real Estate Test Preparation

Examsmart-3x8- Rack card.jpg

Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition

Missouri Real Estate Practice 2.jpg


Real Estate Fundamentals 10th Edition

Real Estate Fundamentals.jpg


Mastering Real Estate Principles 7th Edition

Mastering Real Estate Principles.jpg


Real Estate Law 10th Edition

Real Estate Law.jpg



Real Estate Finance, 3rd Edition

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Real Estate Principles 11th Edition

Real Estate Principles.jpg


Property Management 10th Edition Revised

Property Management.jpg


Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know 7th Edition Update

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The mission of Elite ESCP Real Estate School is to provide high-quality distance education courses to Real Estate pre-licensing students as well as licensed agents in support of federal and state-mandated education programs for licensure and ongoing professional competency.